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Speed up Magento ecommerce Store by optimizing Admin/Backend


Magento undoubtedly is a feature rich open source platform, Due to an unprecedented control and flexibility, merchants get huge benefits in customizing the functionalities and content.

Additionally, it does offer features to personalize the stores, offer catalog-management tools, allowing for seamless marketing campaigns, and does optimize the store from an SEO perspective.

However, it is not easy to use this powerful platform, just like one click installation and go, letting Magento ecommerce agency deliver smooth eCommerce development services.

A common problem occurring for magento developer during the use of Magento is an admin panel that is extremely slow. So, how to leverage the potential of Magento to the maximum?

1. Make use of a server which is Magento optimized

Running Magento on a generic server can result in performance issues as a result of slow page loading time. Magento requires that you have a database server and two web nodes configured properly.

Ensure that you optimize and configure this setup backed by enhanced caching capabilities. Make use of Varnish and Nginx as software accelerators, so that data processing capacity speedens up with more than 4 lac orders and 350+ million catalog views.

2. Extensions should be used to as minimal extent possible

There are a host of extensions present in Magento. However, every new extension makes it difficult to load, update, and maintain the store, making it a lot heavier. Keep the number of extensions to least, and trade-off things by adding functionality manually, not to mention increasing speed.

‘Use default features as alternatives to add extensions, while editing the template files wherever possible.

3. Cache needs to be enabled through an Admin Panel

When the cache is enables, the system can recall the previously accessed items, rather than going for reinvention every single time.

For this, you need to go to System >> Cache Managament, enabling all types of cache. To do this, tick Configurations, Translations Options, Block HTML, and Layouts.

Additionally, untick web services configuration, collections data, EAV types, and attributes.

4. Have a memory based file system used for directory of Magento variables

For using caching and session storage, in order to use Magento based file storage. Hard drive slows things down.

Tmpfs system helps in storing temporary files in memory instead of hard drive.

5. Enable the data to be re-indexed

Primary purpose of indexing is to fetching requested data after searching the same.

To enhance the performance, you need to regularly index Magento data. For this, go to System >> Index Management >> Re index Data.

6. Activate merging within JavaScript file

You need to go to System >> Configuration >> Developer >> JavaScript Settings >> Merge JavaScript Files. After that, click on “Yes” button to proceed. When selecting this option, you are combining all the JavaScript files into one.

This in turn results in reduced number of Magento site requests on server. As a result, there is a drastic increase in speed.

Summing up our thoughts

There are few other ways by which you can optimize Magento eCommerce site speed such as:

  • Combining CSS files by going to System >> Configuration >> Developer >> CSS Settings >> Merge CSS Files >> “Yes”.
  • Enabling compilation by going to System >> Tools >> Compilation >> “Run Compilation Process”
  • Turning off the logs by going to System >> Configuration >> Developer >> Log Settings.
  • Make use of a minimalist theme by incorporating least number of elements.

September 2017

Harshal Shah

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