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Training session on Soft Skills taken by Mr. Sajan Shah

An awesome program by Mr. Sajan Shah

The Youngest ‘Guru’ of the life coaching industry in India, Sajan is versatile and conducts diverse programs such as: ‘You vs You’, Boost your Business, Ultimate Self Mastery, Master Leadership Program, Youth Development & Motivational Program, Relationship Management, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource Management, NLP and Personality TRANSFORMATION. Through his life transforming seminars and programs, he has touched the lives of more than 900,000 people including students, professionals and housewives.
He is Well known as :

– India’s Youngest Memory Man of India
– India’s Youngest Life Coach
– India’s Youngest Motivational Speaker


Thought leadership
· Consistent Discipline
· Unparallel Commitment for Work
· Life and work ethics
· Smart Sales
· Understanding psychology and philosophy of getting successful
· You v/s You


March 2017

Pankaj Sakaria

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