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7 Reasons Why Should Adopt Android Over IOS


There have been so many articles penned on why Android is a better OS than iOS. However, this is still a fresh topic to look at for mobile app development company, since the reasons change with time. We have got the new ones to discuss, which will help you decide why you should switch to Android app development from iOS app development if you are thinking to do so.

1. Supports too many devices

Android platform has everything to offer to everybody. Firstly, you have a multitude of Smartphone manufacturers going after Android with the likes of Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Huawei, and many more, which means users have a lot of options to choose from. Even you have a range of tablets offered by same companies, with the list going endless, opening up a wide amount of scope for mobile app development.

2. Affordable prices soothing to pocket

This is a natural point on the list which is very obvious considering a range of devices available in the market. Android has every kind of device catering to all budgets. There is a starking contrast seen in iOS devices, wherein you not only have limited options but also selling on higher ends. Anybody can afford an Android phone, however, iOS phone is specifically meant for a niche audience.

3.Customization is an added advantage

Android allows too much of customization in terms of changing the themes, menus, and more, as compared to iOS that puts too many restrictions on letting users go for their own customization style. In Android, everything is possible customizing from ROM installs, alternate keyboards, wallpapers, etc. Hence, hiring Android developers gives enough space to apps for showcasing creativity.

4.Easy access to widgets

There is a static row of icons present on iOS, unlike Android wherein you can have all the information be seen at a single glance. Herein, there is no need to fire an app to see it. Instead, have a glance directly without tapping on the icon.

5.Multi-tasking is possible with ease

You might argue that how come iOS lacks in this arena? It really doesn’t. The level of multi-tasking is great on an iPhone, but it is just not enough to compete with the likes of high-end Android phones, offering stupendous app multi-tasking.

6.Android launcher more effective than iOS launcher

Take any iPhone device, and compare it to another iPhone device version. Is there anything different? All iPhone devices are equipped with same launchers. This is unlike Android wherein users can have their own customized launchers offered by Google. Additionally, you can tweak right about everything starting from gestures to effects, transitions, home screen layout, and lots more.

7.Google offers a bundle of highly useful products

Android devices tend to accommodate all kinds of Google services right from Google Chrome to Google+, Google Music, Google Maps, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, and the list goes on, making it easier for users to avail these services without actually downloading or installing them. You do have Google services made available on iOS now, but that deep level integration is still missing. This is obvious considering Android is another product by Google.


September 2017

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